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couch bye

This is the detention basin outside of my neighborhood. There used to be a ditch here where we catch crawdads, go dirt biking, and video our Blair Witch Project spoofs. Now it has these fountains that aerate the water and act as a property asset.

This is the big couch in Care House that was the hearth of the home. It's been reupholstered twice and each fiber has a twin made of memory. It is too loaded for me to keep or throw away, so as the last hoorah when Care House closes, I am going to turn this couch into a raft to float (or sink) as a goodbye.


The neighborhood, Williamsburg Settlement, was built up spanning the last oil bust. The houses are three and four decades old, the trees are mature, and it feels well settled into. Care House spans the arc of the real estate bust as the neighborhood was emptying out, and as everybody wanted to move to newer developments even further out. Beyond the fountains you can see the gigantic dinosaur bone ramp for SH99 constructed to channel them. Doubleparked streets for swim meets were just dotted with elderly couples walking at dusk. The house that Care House was in went for sale along with three other houses on the block, and has since been flipped twice.


Your drive to Care House takes you down the unrelenting copy & paste landscape of I-10. I enjoy the mischief of performing a deeply personal project in what feels like endless, increasingly anonymous sprawl. I like this idea of inserting some myth back into these waters.