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Positive Negative Casts

An artist, mother and sister-in-law : a cool washcloth on the eyes

A hospice chaplain : just being there with someone, the material of his induction into the medical profession, 
an impression of his grandfather's legacy

A medical student : the "I understand" moment of crossing the patient/person boundary

A physical therapist of eleven years : the yoga pose of taking care of herself, including the medications for a newly diagnosed condition that forced her into it

A patient : the clinical but caring gesture of monitoring her own pulse


If you're interested in making  a cast, we would:
-Meet at Care House
-Trade care giving / care receiving stories
-Decide on a meaningful and relevant gesture
-Hold the involved body parts still in gooey plaster for 20 min
-Display the resulting sculpture in Care House
-Post an image of it and whatever documentation you desire (anonymous or not) to
-You keep the cast afterwards

The process takes less than an hour.

Susan Barry is a nurse and midwife with decades of caregiving experiences. We made this cast of her hand touching my face, the gesture her mom gave her the last time they saw each other as well as the last touch that my Mom gave me in her right mind. Susan's cast includes her mother's cherished belongings: the last notes on life she wrote, pebbles from her favorite park, her brother's birth announcement, and V-mail she received as an army nurse during WWII.

photos by dabfoto creative